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Esoteric Minds

..E S O T E R I C M I N D S..
Welcome to Esoteric Minds, a Role Playing Game based on your Original Characters and the lives they live. EM starts with a basic city setting with one simple plotline to follow; Live your life the way you want to. Think of it like the Sims game, you're in complete control of your character. All you have to do is follow a few rules and you're all set! So enjoy the rpg and I hope to see you in the city!

Read the faq for info about the rpg.

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[14 Oct 2005|10:41pm]

Here by my side, an angel
Here by my side, the devil
Never turn your back on me
Never turn your back on me, again

A soft voice sang over top of a single guitar and strings. Draiden closed his eyes briefly and imagined the vocalist. Soon, it was followed by drum and bass comming in. The bleached hair boy couldn't help but smile.
His favorite song blasted from his headphones as he walked down a rather fancy area of town. Popular for the rich and wannabee famous. His school assignment was easy.
Go to a "indie/ sub culture" -those are the words of the guest costume designer,Mr.Ito, not his- and photograph the styles.
Simple enough, right?
Ehh...not really. Especially when Mr. Ito specified that nobody was allowed to use the same store as another person in the class. After the guest speaker had left, the regular teacher. A fairly hott 32 year-old red-head with big tits, which made two of the other guys-and some girls- devolope a large crush on her, said that they must obey that rule as she closed up the class.
Fair enough, Draiden thought. as he stopped and examined the window of a small Rockabillie-esc shop. It looked fairly seedy, even for a shop in this section of town so she kept on walking. Fair enough if you happen to know your way around this goddamn city!

He sighed deeply. It had been 2 ,maybe 3 hours and he hadn't found any "indie/ sub culture" store that he liked or found any interest in. It was being to be a hopeless cause. Checking his watch, it read 5:30, he sighed. Time to head home. Shuffling across the street with many other people, Draiden kept passing either super fashion boutiques or classy restaurants. All of them basically sold the same thing, just with different tags. He gave another restless sigh. If he had wanted to become a fashion designer, he would of done that! Wandering around the fashion districts didn't strike him as anything to do with designing costumes.
Ok, that was a lie.
How very naughty of you, Spook
Draiden twitched at the sound of his ex-lover's voice echoing through his head, making a lump in his stomache. Not cool. He shook his head and pretended to read a billboard on the side of a building. Concentrating on the music instead, the feeling in his stomache didn't go away.

I must be hungry.. Draiden looked around, spotting only fancy restaurants and a...pizza place. Named Purgatory. A funny name for a pizza place. He gave a low chuckle and kept on walking. He must only be a bus ride away from his apartment. Now..which bus to take.
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[02 Oct 2005|06:49pm]

Jin looked at her, smiling at her. "I'd love to eat with you." He wondered what all he should ask about her, glancing around the place. He looked her over, noting how pretty she was. "So, hows life going? One of those just working ones, or have some fun on the side?" He asked, wondering what she would say, and if she minded the questioning.
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[29 Sep 2005|09:56pm]

Kuu heard the man's voice again, and looked over at him. 'Samori, eh? That’s a nice name.' She smiled again, and gently shook his outstretched hand. "My name is Kuu, pleased to meet you!" As soon as she finished that sentence her stomach involuntarily made a loud noise, and her face turned a bright shade of red. "Sorry about that, my boss used my lunch break to scream at me for coming in late."

She fiddled with the lace detailing on the hem of her skirt. 'So I've finally met someone nice in this city. Took long enough...' She wanted to tackle and hug him for actually talking to her, as opposed to everyone else in this city that either ignored or insulted her.

"So... Sam, what do you like to do in your spare time?" She chirped out that sentence, and the cheerfulness of her own voice spooked her. 'Whoa. Where did THAT come from?!'
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Time: 5:18pm [29 Sep 2005|07:51pm]

Sam smiled when the girl turned to him. She seemed nervous, but he figured it was probably his imagination. "I see, well the bus is weird. Somedays it's perfectly on time, and the next, its 10 minutes late. Which feels more like an hour when you're just sitting and waiting." he sighed and looked to the streets for a moment, then back to her again. "It looks like this will be a late day..."

He watched her smile, and laughed a bit to himself. She was so cute, like a squeezable type a cute. He just wanted to take her in his arms and huggle the hell out of her. But that was a bit much. He stared at her as she stared at him, he didn't really know why she was staring but he was used to it, anyway. He sat back and relaxed, crossing one leg over the other. He was about to speak when he saw the girl look at her feet all of a sudden. 'Okay, why did she do that for?'

He ruffled his hair a bit and shrugged. 'What the hell? Lets go all the way.' he thought, then held out his hand to her. "Well, since we'll be here abit, might as well get to know each other some. My name is Samori, but you can call me whatever. Whats your name, sweety?"

((Sorry, late. I won't be here Friday-Sunday, but I'll be back Monday to post like an idiot. And Jin probably wont be on during that time, too. Just so ya know!))
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[28 Sep 2005|09:36pm]

Kylee watched Samori go. She winked at Jin when he left. "Damn, but he was cute." If he didn't like her being vocal, she probably wouldn't please him. She listened for a minute to the definition of the party. /High school, eh? Does a live band balance that out...decisions, decisions./ She decided to wait and see how the present encounter turned out. If nothing else, she could scope it out, say hey, find a bit of liquor, and if Samori or Jin were otherwise occupied, bail. After all, nineteen year olds gaining access to liquor when not living at home or with socialite girls or drunkard boyfriends was difficult. You were broke, so you couldn't pay someone to buy it for you, you couldn't fake your age, and the IDs didn't even look real anymore. She just wouldn't risk it, and would hop to a party or club. /God, am I out of focus./ She blinked, and heard him ask to pay for her pizza. /Watch it./ She smirked, and walked towards him with her hips forward, hands on her backside. "Nah, Your last total seemed pretty high. Besides, I'd much rather..." she arched back, as if stretching, made better eye contact, then continued, "talk with you than eat your money." She tilted her head to one side, feeling her hair slip forward. She noted Samori talking to the girl outside, and decided that Jin, a willing attendant was better than chasing after a guy with 0 interest. Or so she thought. He'd been apologetic when he'd left, but she'd wait.
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[28 Sep 2005|06:13pm]

Kuu stared at the traffic passing by. She hummed along quietly with the song playing in her mind. She didn’t know where the song was from; all she knew was that it comforted her. 'It seems like I’ve been sitting on this bench for a century. I wish the bus would hurry up.'

She heard a voice next to her, and turned to see one of the people from inside the pizza parlor. 'He looks like a nice person.' She stiffened a bit, and became very nervous about talking to him. 'I hope I don’t say something really stupid...'

"Oh! I don’t take the bus that often, and I usually don’t go into this area since it is so far from my place. I think I’ve been waiting here for 10 minutes. Does this bus usually run late?"

She smiled a bit, and the knot in her stomach loosened somewhat. Talking to people always scared her, and she didn’t even know why. She looked at him, and took in all the details. 'I hate it when I stare, but I love looking at people. I love how everyone is different.' She sensed nothing bad about this man, but she recalled all the times in the past when someone would make a mean remark to her even when she had done nothing. She quickly took her eyes off the man and looked at her feet. 'I stared at him for so long... I probably seem like such an ass.'
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[28 Sep 2005|01:26pm]

Sam smiled at the girl. He felt kind of bad for saying what he did. 'Shoulda picked my words more carefully..' he thought. He began gathering his things from under the counter, sliding his small backpack over his shoulder. "There's no need to apologize, sweety, I just need to get out of here, is all. I'm sorry to be rude, but it's been a long day." He nodded to her, turning to Jin to take his money. He rolled his eyes while putting the money into the register, and listened to Jin speak about the party. 'Why would anyone want to go to a childish party like that?' he pondered.

He sighed and shook his head, turning to the girl again. "I'm leaving now, you can tell Mark to ring up your pizza, he'll be here till closing." he said, walking out from behind the counter and over to the booth he and Jin were sitting. He grabbed his cup of soda and took a drink before he turned to Jin. "Jin, thanks for the pizza, and the relief from boredom." he shrugged, turned to the door, then yelled back at Mark. "I'm out, Mark! Take care of the lady."

He walked out the door and took a deep breath. He looked around the city, people were in a hurry all around him, as usual. He looked at his watch. He had about 15-20 minutes untill his bus came. 'What a bother...' he walked over to his usual bench, and noticed someone else was sitting there, aswell. 'That's unusual...since when does anyone use this crappy-always-late bus stop?' he shrugged his shoulders and sat down at the opposite side of the bench. "I really should get a car..." he mumbled to himself, glancing over at the girl. She was different, pretty in a different-sort of way. He sat his backpack down on the seat and turned to face her abit. "Hey, I've never seen you here before. Have you been waiting long? This bus is a real pain in the ass, somedays..."
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[28 Sep 2005|08:28am]

Jin looked over at the bus stop, noticing a person sitting by herself. 'Well, people.... too many girls around to count eh? oh, what kind of party is it? Mabye it should be a wild one...' He thought, switching back, hearing the girl's remark. "Well, the party's going to have a band, local one with some friends playing in it. I never know how its going to turn out, could just be a little gig, or a rave. As far as I know, there 'll be around 30 people showing up, and its like a highschool party." He said, laughing at the last part. "He looked over at Sam, wondering if he would come, since he's a non-smoker, probably a non-drinker too. "It's just like this: whatever you want, it'll be there." He said, smiling a bit to the girl. "Hows your day been?" He asked, hoping to spark a conversation. He turned over to Sam, ignoring all the fuss, and gave him the money. He thought of a nice thing to do for the day..pay for someone's pizza...he smiled at the thought. He turned quickly to the girl "Not to be saying anything bad about anything...mind if I buy your pizza?" saying with a smile.
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[27 Sep 2005|10:25pm]

Kylee blinked. She'd been flirted with by two guys, one guy lost interest and bitched at her, while the other invited her to a party. She turned her attention back to Sam. She'd see if she could salvage this before she returned to the second. "Oh! Sorry, that'll be all." She smiled. "I'm kind of spacey today." Inwardly, she cursed herself for saying the S-word. She had almost said it a second time before her spacey comment, which was another apology. /Damn it! Stop falling all over yourself. If he's an ass, he's an ass. He's the one who owes you an apology, you don't owe him twelve./

Her eyes flickered to the window, and she noted someone at a bus stop who hadn't been there when she'd walked in. /Wonder if she's in just as much of a rush as everyone else./

She bobbed her head to Sam in another retarded apologetic manner she could't berate out of herself, and turned towards Jin. "What kind of a party are you inviting us to?" she asked.
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[27 Sep 2005|08:56pm]

Upon getting chewed out by her boss, Kuu was extremely glad to have gotten out of the store after nearly losing her job. She liked working at Cyborg1; it was really interesting there. After walking down the street for five minutes, she noticed a faint rumbling emanating from her stomach. ‘...I really need to go grocery shopping. I’ve been surviving off of fast food for the past couple of weeks...’ She continued walking, allowing her nose to guide her to food.

She looked over at a pizza parlor, which was occupied by 3 beautiful people. ‘Purgatory? Well, that sounds interesting...’ She started to walk over, but her extreme fear of social encounters stopped her. ‘What am I doing? I have no right to go in there when they’re busy. I can wait outside, but it looks like they’re about to close anyway...’

She noticed a bus stop a couple feet away from the building. As she passed by the place she paused and took a quick glance over their schedule. ‘They’re not closed yet... but still. There are too many people. I’ll just go somewhere else for food.’ She looked through the window sadly and made her way to the bench. ‘I need to learn how to talk to people. At this rate I’ll never make a friend.’

She looked up at the bus stop sign, and then she read the schedule posted beneath it. So it’ll be a half an hour until the next bus comes by? I hate waiting for these things. I really need a car.’
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[27 Sep 2005|01:41pm]

Sam frowned, having heard what Jin was saying. How obnoxious. Sam knew his flirting was pretty much crap at the moment, but Jin's laughing sure wasnt helping much. He watched Jin turn to the girl and told her his name, and then back to himself to say something about a party. How fucking obnoxious. He waited untill Jin was done talking before he interrupted. "Excuse me, Jin, but some people may have other things to do friday night." he spoke firmly. Jin was getting on his last nerve. 'So much for Mr. Niceguy.' he thought. Sam sighed and retreated to the back to fetch Jin's pizzas. This is how it always went. Sam would find a girl, he'd flirt with the girl, then something bad would happen. He took a deep breath. Maybe it was time to be himself.

He cleard his throat as he stepped up to the counter with the pizzas in hand. "Jin, your pizzas are ready, obviously." he said, then turned his glance to the girl. "Sweetheart, if you don't mind, I'm getting off at 5, which is pretty much right now, so if you would finish your order so I could get the hell out of here, I would be very grateful." he smiled slightly at her, removing his apron, then hung it up on the coat rack behind the counter. He rang up Jin's order on the register and looked to Jin. "$37.58, sir." he mocked. Taking money from him would be such a pleasure, even if it wasnt going in his pocket.

((Just so everyone is clear: The current RP time is 5:06pm, Wedensday. Purgatory opens at 9am everyday and closes at 7pm. Anybody care to be the weather predictor of the RP world? And Aya, IM me whenever you and I are on at the same time, cause I can't IM you. You always appear offline...still. O_o))
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[27 Sep 2005|08:11am]

Jin looked over at the door, watching the person enter. 'Well, looks like there's a dely of time to go home after all.' He thought, finishing his piece. He watched, examining every aspect of what was going on, to get a feel for who this newcomer was, how she acted, and if she was worth it. He decided it was time to see what would happen if he left them alone, seeing how badly Samori's flirting was, he figured that if he went home, he could laugh about what was happening.

He rose, walked over to the counter, hearing what Sam said, he laughed a bit. "Nice one Sam, I'll always take your advice about flirting the next time I have trouble." He turned to the girl, "Hows yor day been?" he asked, eyeing her up. 'Not a bad catch if I say so myself' was the thought as he said those words. "I've got some work to do at the moment, but my name's Jin." He wheeled to Sam "Oh, I'm having a party Friday night, I'll be expecting you." He turned back to the girl quickly, "Whats your name? I'd like it if you came...more than if he did." He said the last playfully, winking at her.
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[25 Sep 2005|11:56am]

Sam eyed the girl. He waited for her to make her order, heard her ask the speciality. "Whatever you want, I can give you." he answered with a smile. He continued to watch her lean on the counter, observing the hand trailing along her neck and downwards on. He let out a small sigh. 'She's too damn hot. I gotta keep my mind on business, here.' he shook his head, jotted down her order on the notepad and summoned Mark to do his job. He handed Mark the paper, then sent him on his way to cook.

"Sausage fan, hmm? Well, We don't usually have things of that nature, but I'm sure I could pull one out for ya somewhere." he winked, beating himself senseless within his mind. He remembered the 'No Flirting' rule his boss had given him, and all the times he had gotten in trouble for it. But, dammit, how could he of all people not try to flirt? 'I'm losing my touch...that was pretty lame.' he thought. He shook off the thought and watched the girl turn to look at Jin and back again. He smiled. This girl was eyeing them both, he figured. "Will that be all you need, sweetheart?"
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[24 Sep 2005|11:38pm]

Kylee's eyebrows lifted as she took in this hot guy as her host. /He can toss my dough any day./ "Cute motto..." she said, meaning it sarcastically. She looked down at the ad on the counter. "So...what's your house specialty?" she asked, looking for the pizza with the most toppings.
She pondered at the store's name, and checked the guy's ears for piercings. She checked his name tag. Samori. That was hot.
She leaned on the counter, crossing her legs, and rested a bit of her weight on the counter. Unconsciously, she smoothed a hand over the back of her head, brought it along her neck, and then crossed her breast. "Well...I'll take the pizza with italian sausages and other meat toppings. I'm really hungry." She grinned as her stomach voiced its agreement. Hearing something in the background, she noted that her earbuds were still buzzing with Japanese punk music. She reached into her bag to silence her mp3 player, and waited. /Please, please let him be more than a hollow 15 year old./ She wasn't sure what she wanted, but she knew it was more than pizza. Her flat was starting to sound hollow since Raelyn had taken flight. She tucked her hair behind her ear, taking the chance to glance back at the long haired guy. Her lips curled as she turned her face back around. /I can't get both, and I'm not sure I could catch him./
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[24 Sep 2005|06:25pm]

Sam listened as Jin spoke his likes and hobbies. At the same time he tried to think of a way to answer what was coming next. He frowned when he heard Jin call him Sammie. 'We just met and he's already given me a nickname? I must be an easy target to pick on.' he sighed under his breath, and looked up at Jin again. It was his turn to blurt out what he supposedly liked. "Well, I like yaoi, art, video games, movies. I'm kinda picky about my music, though. I mostly listen to Jrock, rock, rap and some pop, occasionally. Computers hate me most of the time, so the only thing I really do in that department is make graphics for my own amusement.."

He stopped for a moment to take another bite of his pizza, and took a drink of his soda, then he continued on with more blurtings. "Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies? Hmm....I play games, I watch TV, I make comp graphics, I draw sometimes, I write not often. I basicly work my life away just in order to exist in this damn city. You know, the cost of living is getting so high in Abbott, I don't think I wanna pay it anymore. But then I'd be pretty much screwed, hu?"

He noticed Jin look down at his watch and wondered if he needed to be elsewhere. He hoped he wasn't keeping him there by blabbering too much, but it was Jin's idea, So... "And as for your last question: No, I don't have a girl, and I don't have any I'd like to keep, either---" he trailed off.

He thought he heard the sound of the door opening, and some slight foot steps on the floor. He turned his head to investigate, but as he did so, his eyes focused on a hand, and his vision followed it as it reached into his plate and grabbed his crust. He looked up, watching the hand move up to the persons mouth. He didn't believe his eyes for a moment, he realized that it was actually another customer. A beautiful one, at that. He watched her, she took a bite of his crust and winked. He blinked, confused. This never happened in Purgatory. 'Is she a lonely school girl? Doesn't seem like it....so why the hell is she here?'

He blinked again, almost forgetting he worked there. He got up quickly and turned to Jin. "I'll be right back, I think." he pointed to the girl at the counter, so Jin would know where he was headed, if he hadn't already figured it out. He walked over to and behind the counter, straightening his apron out on the way. He grabbed his pen and notepad, looked up at the lady and cleared his throat. Here comes the embarrassing part. Especially when its a pretty girl. He took a deep breath and spoke: "Welcome to Purgatory Pizza. Some say we're good, some say we're bad. But you will always be treated with respect, style, and a big bright smile." he smiled slightly, he remembered why he hated that motto.
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[24 Sep 2005|02:53pm]

Kylee let herself get swept down the street, the pace surprising her. /Who the HELL wants to go back to work this quick? Slow down and enjoy yourselves, assholes./ She rolled her eyes, and looked up ahead, seeing what she had to look forward to. Car lots, gas stations, and then eating establishments.
An empty pizza parlor, two cars in the parking lot. /They closed? Damn, Purgatory sounded real interesting./ She peered in the window, and noted two people splitting a pizza. She walked around to the door, and noted the hours. She took in both the guys. /Careful, the long haired one might be married. Or have violent groupies./ She liked the looks of the short haired one. She licked her lips, and it wasn't because of the faint aura of pizza.
She opened the door, and wondered at the lack of bells. /Finally, a restaurant without jingling bells./ She walked up to the table, and took a discarded crust from the younger man's plate. She bit into it, winked at her first choice, then her second, and turned back to walk towards the counter.
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[22 Sep 2005|08:08am]

Jin reclined, than sat straight when he heard he was the one to go first. "Fine, well here's the run around. My likes are Yaoi, Guitar, Classical/Jazz/Rock/R&B/Country/Jrock music, Cooking, Cleaning, Romance, Computers/Technology, Gaming. I know its a lot to throw at you, but may as well be straight foward. There aren't many hobbies, just playing video games, and working on computers. I'm thinking about doing a little kickboxing later on, if there is a place for that."

"Oh, and I'll just hit on you if that's what it takes to get you to talk." He said with a smile. "But odds are, that isn't going to happen." He looked around, guessing that his pizzas will be ready soon. "So, for a flirter..you actually keep a girl?" He said, looking down at his watch...4:50pm. His tv show would come on around 5:30, so he better get moving soon.

"Since you kinda know now...its your turn Sammie." He said, a little laughter at the last part.
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[20 Sep 2005|08:53pm]

Sam shrugged. He didn't really know how to answer Jin's questions. He took another bite of his pizza, cautious not to burn himself again. "Well, I don't really know what you wanna know, Uhm....I like pizza, obviously..." he started, setting the crust of his slice of pizza on his plate, and looking up to meet Jin's eyes.

"Look, I'm not really very good at this, so why don't you go first so I can get an idea of what you want to know, I guess." Sam smiled, he hoped he wasn't asking too much. But it was only fair if he was going to answer questions, then Jin could answer some, too.

Sam took a drink of his soda, but he realized there wasnt really any left. He got up and walked over to the drink machine behind the counter and refilled his cup. He called Mark over and told him to make 3 more of the same type of pizza. He figured Jin was 'the usual' kind of guy that always ordered the same type of food everytime. And if he wasnt, then Sam would just have to make it up to him somehow. Mark went about his pizza making business and Sam walked back over to the booth and sat down across from Jin again. He scooted inward, rested his back against the wall and propped his legs and feet up on the seat.

He remembered Jin say 'help yourself' so he grabbed another slice of pizza and layed it on his plate. "So, Jin," he nodded, looking up at Jin with a smile while he dug in his apron for something. "This is what I know about you: You work at a computer place, your name is Jin Kazama, you like pizza, and you like to socialize with random people." he said, not knowing if the last part was true or not.

He pulled a small cup of Garlic butter out from his apron and opened it as he spoke. "So, to even it out, here's what you know about me," he cleared his throat, pouring the garlic butter on top of his pizza. "I work here, obviously, my name is Samori Seishirou, I already told you I like pizza, and I don't usually like to talk to people unless its to flirt with 'em."

He picked up the garlicy slice of pizza and took a bite before he continued. "So, now it's your turn. Shoot, let's hear something about you." He looked into Jin's eyes and smiled, trying not to get too much garlic sauce on himself.
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[16 Sep 2005|09:24pm]

Jin listened to every word coming out of his mouth. 'Samori? hehe, Ill call him Sammie' he thought, nodding his head every once in a while. He laughed, watching Sam tossing the pizza in his hands. "You ok there hotshot? Help yourself." He picked up a slice, took a bite. "This is pretty good pizza...looks like you'll be making more." he said, looking at all the cheese. "It would be too far to walk to the pizza place down there, and plus, you could use the business. Also, I dont go for the fancy pizza, lacks character. Besides, people are always too busy to talk in those joints."

"So, Sam tell me about yourself...maybe some likes and dislikes...your hobbies and such. I'm not gay or anything, just that I'm interested to find out about you. There's a certain aurora about you." Jin said, eating the rest of his piece, grabbing another slice.
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[15 Sep 2005|02:03pm]

Sam shook his head at the man. "I don't smoke. I say cigarettes are for people who want bad breath--" he took a sip of his drink, getting comfortable in the seat. "-No offense." he smiled shyly, he tried his best to make and keep eye contact with the man, but it was no easy task when he was feeling so uneasy. He let out a deep breath of air, took another sip of his drink and tried to relax a bit. "I dated someone who smoked and always hated it. You know--" he began to ramble on, he hoped the guy didnt find it annoying. "--I think people who smoke are extra stubborn, but that could just be me..." he shut up and stared at the man a moment. He heard him introduce himself and figured he should do the same, but who knows why.

He sat up straight and cleared his throat. "Well, Mr. Kazama, my name would be Samori Seishirou." he did a quick salute for no apparent reason, then started to chew on the tip of his straw. He heard what Jin had said about the lonely girls and smiled. "Well, what else are girls good for?" he asked jokingly. He listened to what else Jin had said and then heard Mark's stupid ass. He shook his head. "Man, I wish I could fire that guy.." he thought out loud. He watched as Jin went about grabbing the pizza and the other various things. He blinked rabidly. 'He's not supposed to do that....I don't think..' he stared at Jin as he spoke his apologies for "poking around," as he said. He let his gaze follow the man as he sat back down at the table and said a prayer. 'What the hell? This guy prays? Now I've seen everything..' he heard Jin speak again and he nodded.

"Are you sure I can eat your pizza?" he looked down at the pizza, his stomach finally reminding him how hungry he really was. He didn't wait for Jin to answer, and he grabbed a piece from the pie, set it on the plate and sniffed in the wonderful smell. "Ah...that smells so good." he mumbled, leaned over the table and picked the piece up, shuffling it from hand to hand. "Ohh, it's hot--" he said, trying to take a bite. He performed the man-made Reverse Blow, but it didnt help much.

After the failed attempt of trying not to burn his tongue, he set the slice down and looked over at Jin. "You said you worked at a computer place, so why are you eating cheap ass pizza? You could be at the big fancy place right down the street, ya know?" he looked up at the ceiling as he spoke, licking his lips, remembering the taste of heaven. "I ate there once, about a year ago, and that shit was awesome....but who could afford $20 a plate these days?" he sighed. Never again would he taste the wonderful food he had long ago. He almost felt like crying, but that was going a bit overboard. "Which brings me to that question again...why are you eating this cheap ass pizza?"

He tried to take another bite of his pizza, watching Jin and listening for answers.
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