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Jin looked over at the bus stop, noticing a person sitting by herself. 'Well, people.... too many girls around to count eh? oh, what kind of party is it? Mabye it should be a wild one...' He thought, switching back, hearing the girl's remark. "Well, the party's going to have a band, local one with some friends playing in it. I never know how its going to turn out, could just be a little gig, or a rave. As far as I know, there 'll be around 30 people showing up, and its like a highschool party." He said, laughing at the last part. "He looked over at Sam, wondering if he would come, since he's a non-smoker, probably a non-drinker too. "It's just like this: whatever you want, it'll be there." He said, smiling a bit to the girl. "Hows your day been?" He asked, hoping to spark a conversation. He turned over to Sam, ignoring all the fuss, and gave him the money. He thought of a nice thing to do for the for someone's pizza...he smiled at the thought. He turned quickly to the girl "Not to be saying anything bad about anything...mind if I buy your pizza?" saying with a smile.
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