Solo Sagara (jisatsu_no_riyu) wrote in esoteric_minds,
Solo Sagara

Sam frowned, having heard what Jin was saying. How obnoxious. Sam knew his flirting was pretty much crap at the moment, but Jin's laughing sure wasnt helping much. He watched Jin turn to the girl and told her his name, and then back to himself to say something about a party. How fucking obnoxious. He waited untill Jin was done talking before he interrupted. "Excuse me, Jin, but some people may have other things to do friday night." he spoke firmly. Jin was getting on his last nerve. 'So much for Mr. Niceguy.' he thought. Sam sighed and retreated to the back to fetch Jin's pizzas. This is how it always went. Sam would find a girl, he'd flirt with the girl, then something bad would happen. He took a deep breath. Maybe it was time to be himself.

He cleard his throat as he stepped up to the counter with the pizzas in hand. "Jin, your pizzas are ready, obviously." he said, then turned his glance to the girl. "Sweetheart, if you don't mind, I'm getting off at 5, which is pretty much right now, so if you would finish your order so I could get the hell out of here, I would be very grateful." he smiled slightly at her, removing his apron, then hung it up on the coat rack behind the counter. He rang up Jin's order on the register and looked to Jin. "$37.58, sir." he mocked. Taking money from him would be such a pleasure, even if it wasnt going in his pocket.

((Just so everyone is clear: The current RP time is 5:06pm, Wedensday. Purgatory opens at 9am everyday and closes at 7pm. Anybody care to be the weather predictor of the RP world? And Aya, IM me whenever you and I are on at the same time, cause I can't IM you. You always appear offline...still. O_o))
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