Solo Sagara (jisatsu_no_riyu) wrote in esoteric_minds,
Solo Sagara

Time: 5:18pm

Sam smiled when the girl turned to him. She seemed nervous, but he figured it was probably his imagination. "I see, well the bus is weird. Somedays it's perfectly on time, and the next, its 10 minutes late. Which feels more like an hour when you're just sitting and waiting." he sighed and looked to the streets for a moment, then back to her again. "It looks like this will be a late day..."

He watched her smile, and laughed a bit to himself. She was so cute, like a squeezable type a cute. He just wanted to take her in his arms and huggle the hell out of her. But that was a bit much. He stared at her as she stared at him, he didn't really know why she was staring but he was used to it, anyway. He sat back and relaxed, crossing one leg over the other. He was about to speak when he saw the girl look at her feet all of a sudden. 'Okay, why did she do that for?'

He ruffled his hair a bit and shrugged. 'What the hell? Lets go all the way.' he thought, then held out his hand to her. "Well, since we'll be here abit, might as well get to know each other some. My name is Samori, but you can call me whatever. Whats your name, sweety?"

((Sorry, late. I won't be here Friday-Sunday, but I'll be back Monday to post like an idiot. And Jin probably wont be on during that time, too. Just so ya know!))
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