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Esoteric Minds
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Esoteric Minds
Welcome to Esoteric Minds, a Role Playing Game based on your Original Characters and the lives they live. EM starts with a basic city setting with one simple plotline to follow; Live your life the way you want to. Think of it like the Sims game, you're in complete control of your character. All you have to do is follow a few rules and you're all set! So enjoy the rpg and I hope to see you in the city!

Beyond the understanding of an average mind: abstruse, deep, profound, recondite.

The Rules
1) No God-moding. (ie. Do not control what another character will do or say. Stick to your own character.)

2) Anything goes in this RP; Shounen-ai, yaoi, yuri, het. Anything rated NC-17 should be under an lj-cut, or acted out in the comments.

3) When posting, use proper spelling and proper english. Make sure your posts are made in Third Person Past Tense and contain a fair amount of words.

4) Post must be made at least once a week, more if possible. Remember that without people to post, the game can't move on.

5) If you're stuck and don't know what to do, or need help RPing, feel free to ask me and I'll do what I can.

6) Be nice to the others while Out Of Character (OOC). While In Character (IC), you can act the way you see fit. Just don't go over the top and kill someone. You need OOC permission to do anything forceful (ie. kill, rape, kidnap.) before you can attempt it. Of course, anything like throwing a punch is allowed. Real life's a bitch.

7) OOC comments MUST be placed at the bottom of your IC text, if you have any. Do not interrupt the middle of a sentence with OOC comments in word (bubbles).

8) Characters who havent met yet, MUST meet sometime in the game. One of the points of this RP is to create relationships between the characters. Love, hate, despise, friendship, whatever! We need this to carry on. You don't have to interact with each other all the time, but your characters have to run into each other sometimes.

To join, reply to this post with the info below. You must have a Live Journal account to RP in this game.

Name: Not your charcters name. Yours.
Email: So I can tell you if you were accepted.
Gender: Its always nice to know.
Test: This is where you show me your RPing skills.

When and if you are accepted, you will need to write an extensive profile for your character. You can use the info below, but feel free to add anything thats missing. Your character must be human, and you must have a picture of your character. You can use images from anime/manga/games for your character. If you do not have one, either find one, or I can help you find one if you wish. Post the link, or upload the image to a server (such as PhotoBucket) so everyone can see.

Post your character profile here as a comment.

First, Middle, Last. If your character does not know their full/real names, then only put what they know.
Nicknames: If your character has any.
Age: If they know. If they don't, give us a guesstimate. (ie.14-19)
Sex: Their gender.
Appearance: Hair, eyes, clothes, scars, etc.
History A: The past as your character remembers.
History B: Heres where you tell the true past, if by chance, the character can't remember, etc.
Likes: What does your character like the most? Name a few things.
Dislikes: And what does s/he not like?
Living area: House, appartment, etc. Describe your characters living space a bit.
Job: Does your character have a job? Explain a little.
Other: If theres anything else.
Journal: If you're quite active in the rp, consider making a journal especially for your character, though it's not required.